Whether the goal is getting in shape or reaching the next level of competition.

Fitness is always a huge beneficial way to improve your lifestyle, better your health and wellbeing, or even to become a serious competitor who enjoys the thrill of the powerlifting lifestyle. From absolute beginners to complete renowned professionals, we can custom tailor a program just for you.





We offer individualized programming for our weightlifting club members based on their competition schedule and stage of development as a lifter. Our lifters train during the week according to their schedules, BUT we encourage our athletes to train as a team whenever possible. We are there for our athletes every step of the way, making sure their goals are met.


For athletes who do not live in Houston, or are unable to lift at our facility, we offer remote coaching for weightlifting and powerlifting.  You may purchase up to 4-12 weeks of individualized programing, as well as access to weekly video analysis of your lifts. You will be in constant contact with your coach who will answer any questions about your programming, competition readiness, and nutrition.


Powerlifting sessions are dedicated coaching hours for our Dubs Barbell Club members. Athletes in this program are provided custom programming tailored to their needs and receive a high level of individual attention while being in a supportive, focused, and communal environment. Training with the DBC club is geared towards attending sanctioned  meets at the state, regional, and / or national level.


Personal Training puts you front and center. We pair you with one of our coaches depending on your fitness or sport performance goals.  Your coach will work closely with you to help with your strength and conditioning program, but also help direct you with proper nutrition. If you are new to lifting free weights and would like to learn, this is definitely a great place to start.


We offer reduced rates for those who are looking for access to our gym, but are following their own programming. This option is also available for our  S&C Programming clients. We are an elite training facility with top of the line equipment to meet your training needs.


We offer additional program templates which can be utilized in addition to the program which you are currently on. If you are looking for more specifics like *Additional Abdominal or Booty work as well as *Specific Strength templates to help increase individual lifts like the Bench, squat, deadlift and OH press, Snatch, and Clean & Jerk, let us know your goals and we will give you the tools you need to succeed.


Strength & Conditioning classes are for those looking to improve their Strength & Conditioning (S&C), but only have an hour to do it.  Each class will feature a barbell strength-building exercise, speed & explosiveness drills & strength accessories  and high-intensity conditioning workouts that will amp up your fitness regimen. Classes are carefully designed and programmed to get you stronger, more explosive, and overall more athletic. The best part, you can start right away - no prior experience necessary. Classes are small and are meant to challenge both the novice and veteran athlete alike.

Are you a CrossFitter who struggles when weightlifting movements are featured in your WOD?

Are you an athlete who needs more explosiveness and strength to increase your competitive advantage? Try out our programs or intensive classes to not only learn how to properly execute the Snatch and the Clean and Jerk, but also how to increase your speed, power, and agility in the sport you compete in! These workouts will not interfere with your existing fitness routine - it will only improve it. At DBC, we stress the importance of correct position to maximize the effectiveness of your movement pattern, and are taught by our Elite Strength and Conditioning Specialists and USA Weightlifting Advanced Sport Performance Coaches. Contact us today to find out more information and/or to find out what we can do for you.


Open Gym:

Mon.-Thu., 6a. - 8p.

Fri., 6a. - 7p.

Sat., 9a. - 12p.


Group Training:

Mon.-Thurs., 4p. - 8p.


Class Schedule:

Mon.-Fri., 5:30a. | 6:30a. | 9:00a. |  5:30p.

Mon.-Thu., 6:30p.


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